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Coping with Loss, Grief, and Acceptance

Initially, I was at a loss for ideas for a project in this class. It wasn’t until I realized my thoughts about a loss of a more severe kind were consuming much of my time that I started to make work, presumably about how I was coping with this. In class, I described this as a project about emotions, though the photos are less about this and more about the experiences and emotions, which caused me to feel an urge to get out and photograph. I revisited two walks I took and photographed them, in addition to a third one which was prompted by more positive spirits. Coping with grief and its stages is a theme that prompted me to make the work. These stages are different for everyone but can end in acceptance, which is where I find myself now. I hope that by experiencing my work and knowing a little about the process, you too can be influenced to push through a bad situation to find yourself embracing things that will leave a lasting impression of positiveness in your life. Raymond Roggero
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