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Group Show SVA Chelsea Gallery

Mentors Show
(mentored by: David Hilliard)

Once, Now, Soon Growing up in a three-generation home and living with my grandmother since I was in second grade has taught me the importance of family. Hearing the stories that my family would tell about my maternal grandfather, who passed before I was born, has taught me the value of the importance of familial legacy. This work explores family legacy as it moves through time and space. The images explore an array of photographic styles, including tableaux, collage, straight photography, and other digital interventions. The pieces are all about a universal theme of legacy. The photographs connect my own experience as I bear witness to legacy; lives touching other lives. Through the diverse usage of the photographic medium, I try to make sense of what remains, what is and what might happen next. It’s my history in motion, perhaps asking the viewer to ponder their own. Raymond Roggero
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